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Rental - Fornells

Our boat is the perfect choice for those who wish to enjoy the freedom and excitement of sailing on their own. With capacity for up to 12 people, this boat is ideal for couples, families or groups of friends who wish to venture out on the north coast of Menorca. Fuel not included in the price.




RC insurance



Fuel and what is not indicated in "Included"



Qualification PNB

Deposit of 500€ to be paid to the final provider

Maximum 12 persons




General conditions


Through the website Lopez Conesa SL, with CIF B16575656, registered in the Commercial Registry of Menorca, Spain. Applies these conditions of service and contracting to its clients. Lopez Conesa SL is dedicated to the management of reservations for boat rentals and boat excursions (not to the provision of the rental service itself), and manages the collection of said rentals.

By contracting any service from Lopez Conesa SL, the client fully and without reservation accepts these conditions of service and contracting, which are complemented by the regulation contained in the Privacy Policy that appears on this website.

The regulation of the leasing of vessels is carried out between the client and the final service provider (owner or manager of the vessel), through the leasing contract with the final service provider, a leasing contract in which Lopez Conesa SL does not intervene. nor is it part.

These conditions of service and contract and the Privacy Policy can be consulted on this page and the email address to make any query or communication is

It is the intention and vocation of Lopez Conesa SL that the client is fully satisfied. Please inform us of any incidents without delay at Additionally, any communication or document must be sent or copied to said email address.


Lopez Conesa SL provides intermediation services (through reservation management) in the rental of pleasure boats and boat excursions. Through Lopez Conesa SL and/or, the client makes the rental reservation, and then, if applicable, contracts the rental of a boat with the final service provider, under the conditions stipulated with it. , in exchange for the agreed price. Lopez Conesa SL additionally handles and has contracted by the final service provider, the management of collection of the lease.

All the boats that appear on are offered by Lopez Conesa SL as a mediator, and its responsibility is limited to putting the client in contact with the final service provider, who is the sole and direct person responsible for the provision of said service. service. Lopez Conesa SL is not responsible for the provision of the service and, therefore, does not guarantee, nor is it liable for non-compliance or non-exact compliance with the service contracted by the final service provider, who is the one with whom the client contracts. However, Lopez Conesa SL informs that it expressly requests from all final service providers a good provision of the same, in full compliance with the standards of the sector and the lease contract. Failure to comply with this obligation by the final service providers implies that Lopez Conesa SL may decide not to have them on

The final service provider additionally and expressly entrusts Lopez Conesa SL with the management of collection from the client for the contracted rental services, as well as the blocking of the corresponding reservation. The contracting of other services or extras, as well as the deposit to be provided, will also be agreed between the client and the final service provider, but in this case charged directly by the latter.

The client expressly accepts this limitation of liability of Lopez Conesa SL and that, consequently, Lopez Conesa SL is only responsible for the management and formalization of the reservation of the chosen vessel, and the management of reservation and rental collection, in accordance with the established conditions and parameters and the announced characteristics. The client knows that the final service provider may not be able to accept the reservation, in which case Lopez Conesa SL will offer the client alternative boats or a full refund of the amount, if applicable, blocked and/or paid.

Although we try to make the service as accurate as possible to what is published on, we cannot verify or guarantee that all the information is precise, complete or correct. The final service provider is responsible for the information (prices, configuration, features, extras, etc.) included in with respect to its boats. Lopez Conesa SL does not verify said information and, consequently, it is the exclusive responsibility of the final service provider that this information is true and correct. The client accepts that any claim in this regard will be made directly and exclusively against the final service provider. Without prejudice to this, we inform you that Lopez Conesa SL requires the final service providers that the information they provide is true and correct; Otherwise, they can be excluded and We recommend that you inform us of any incident at

The rental contract will have the duration provided for in the rental reservation form, without prejudice to the fact that it will be subject to the regulation of the contract to be signed with the final service provider. Any change in its duration must be reported to Lopez Conesa SL for management and control.


The conditions of service and contract come into force at the time the client generates the reservation form.


The reservation process with Lopez Conesa SL and then contracting with the final service provider is very simple:

Go to

Select a boat, read conditions.

Specify the dates and, where applicable, the extras and complete mandatory data, including any necessary personal data.

Confirm the reservation details.

Pay the (or accept the blocking of) the amount of the rental of the vessel or the part that is reported (depending on the time left for the provision of the service).

Obtain confirmation from Lopez Conesa SL that the final service provider has accepted the reservation, and obtain the rental contract prepared and provided by the final service provider, in which case Lopez Conesa SL will collect the blocked amount.

Make the pending payment (if applicable) on the dates indicated to Lopez Conesa SL

Once the service has been received, Lopez Conesa SL asks the client for a detailed assessment of the service received, with the aim of publishing it so that other users can make a more informed contract.

The client acknowledges that the provision of the service will be carried out exclusively by the final service provider, in accordance with the contract they sign and that, therefore, they are solely responsible for it.


Client is any person over eighteen years of age, and with the authority to contract and be bound, who accepts and is bound by these conditions of service and contract when generating a reservation form.


The client is obliged to:

Always offer true, correct and up-to-date information on the requested data, both personal and otherwise.

Do not provide your password (if provided) to anyone to ensure that the only person who accesses your username is yourself.

Provide Lopez Conesa SL with the data requested in order to manage: reservation (by Lopez Conesa SL), contracting and provision of the service (by the final service provider) and collection of the lease (by Lopez Conesa SL).

Accept that Lopez Conesa SL can transmit said personal data to the final service provider, so that it can carry out the rental contract, and have the data of the people who will crew your boat or be passengers on it. The final service provider has the commitment and obligation to comply with personal data protection regulations.

Provide the information and qualifications that, if applicable, are reasonably required.

Make payments of the amounts corresponding to the contracted services within the deadlines informed at the time of reservation and/or contracting.

Make appropriate use of the services and, where appropriate, have the appropriate titles or licenses for the use of the vessel.

Pay for all services as indicated by Lopez Conesa SL, as well as those carried out during the journey and that were not expressly included in the offer such as skipper, fuel and water, moorings outside the base port, taxes, as well as all other requested services, according to the lease contract.

Provide only true information in the assessment of the service received. In any case, Lopez Conesa SL reserves the right to adapt, reject or withdraw ratings and opinions.


The final service provider may be an owner of one or several vessels, a charter company, a broker, or an agency that manages the vessels.

Lopez Conesa SL offers final service providers the possibility of advertising their boat on the online platform with a description, characteristics, images, prices and an availability calendar, in accordance with the information they provide to Lopez Conesa SL. With this, Lopez Conesa SL can carry out its reservation service and, where appropriate, lease collection management.


The client and Lopez Conesa SL accept the possibility of formalizing agreements and contracts by any means permitted by law, including contracting through the web or email, telephone recording, digital signature or electronic signature, as well as as they can be stored, organized or reproduced, by any available means.


The client will make the payment at the time of making the reservation or contract, in the amounts and at the time indicated in each case (and which will be in accordance with the client's prior acceptance).

In the event that payment of the entire amount is not requested at the time of making the reservation, the client is obliged to make the remaining payment on the indicated dates.

The accepted payment methods are payment through the payment platform enabled on the website using a Visa debit or credit card, Visa Electron, Master Card, Diners Club, as well as other channels that can be implemented. via online. As well as by bank transfer to the Lopez Conesa SL account.

In case of incident in the payment through the website, Lopez Conesa SL will provide another means of payment such as making a transfer so that the client can make the payment within a period of 24 hours from the moment of the reservation or the stipulated payment date.

Cancel conditions

When on the date booked for the activity, the weather conditions are not suitable or do not make it advisable to carry out the activity, always at the discretion of the skipper, and it may be suspended. NO CHARGE WILL BE GENERATED to the CLIENT in the event that the cancellation of the programmed activity is carried out by SA NITJA CHARTER, due to conditions solely attributable to the weather. In this case, an alternative date will be proposed or a full refund will be offered.

In the event that the cancellation of the scheduled activity is made by the CLIENT, regardless of the reason for the cancellation, the following will apply:

NO CHARGE WILL BE GENERATED to the CUSTOMER as long as the CUSTOMER effectively informs of his/her wish to cancel the scheduled booking AT LEAST 21 DAYS IN ADVANCE of the date on which the outing was scheduled to take place.

The CLIENT will be charged 100% OF THE TOTAL AMOUNT of the programmed activity when there is no proof of the communication by the CLIENT to SA NITJA CHARTER of his/her will to cancel the activity, or when the communication by the CLIENT is made LESS THAN 21 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE MINIMUM PERIOD OF 21 DAYS established in the previous section.

Once the client has boarded the boat, the money will not be refunded if the activity is not carried out for reasons attributable to the client.